Though it's summer in Utah, there are plenty of viruses going around and recently, the stomach flu seems to be making its rounds.  

I can’t imagine a worse set up than having a stomach bug during hot weather. Southern Utah has seen a few cases recently where the virus is spreading. Though this isn’t usually a life-threatening sickness it does really suck.  

Nothing seems to stay down, and you are exhausted (and now sweaty because of the heat). In some cases, even water doesn’t stay down. Plus, throwing up makes you dehydrated so it's just a vicious cycle.  

So here is how you can deal with this awful sickness that is going through Utah right now. 

The Mayo Clinic provides a few tips on how to ride this out.  

Give solid foods a rest for a few hours to allow your stomach to settle. Sometimes sucking on ice cubes or having small sips of water. I use 7UP since carbonation helps. The Mayo Clinic recommends clear sodas, non-caffeinated drinks and even broth if it helps.  

Once you’ve settled your stomach enough, you will probably start to get a bit hungry, especially if you have been throwing up a ton. Start with bland foods link crackers and soups. Anything too heavy will just re-upset your stomach.  

Lastly, you should get plenty of rest. Your body is fighting off something and allowing it to feel better is the fastest way to heal. Utah’s temperatures are hot right now so staying hydrated and indoors if you're feeling sick is essential.  

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