Utah is full of creepy places and forbidden locations, and some have interesting mysteries that make people want to venture into the unknown.  

DISCLAIMER: We are not encouraging you to go to any of these places as that is illegal. Any photos or videos were obtained by someone else! 

Dugway Proving Ground-Tooele and Juab Counties 

This place is a U.S. Army base where chemical weapons used to be tested on humans. The testing is no longer done on humans, but the base is still working with and analyzing chemical weapons. It’s all top-secret info. However, a few public roads cross the 800,000 acres of land the base owns. It’s so far out of the way that most people won’t be going there anyway.  

Mars Desert Research Station-Hanksville, UT 

The MDRS is a private facility belonging to the Mars Society. Filled with scientists, this place researches space exploration and the technology needed to do so. Because the facility is a no-visitors-allowed place, tons of field studies go on here. Even though it's cool...leave the scientists alone.  

Granite Mountains Record Vault-Salt Lake City, UT 

For those who have zero interest in genealogy or are not a part of the LDS faith, this one might be a shock. This is the world’s largest collection of genealogical records and for obvious reasons (privacy) there is no public access. This vault houses billions of images on microfilm, microfiche, and other kinds of digital media. You can request access to your own records through the church website 


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