In Southern states of the U.S. fireflies are way more rampant but even Utah has them though they are much harder to find.  

Fireflies or lightning bugs are quite the phenomenon to see and catching them is always a fun summer activity. Though Utah is a Western state, we do have these creatures which are only visible a few times a year during the warmer months. The Natural History Museum of Utah have been studying these guys since 1929 and found that between May and early July are the best times to see them.  

These bugs will be in the wet and marshland areas of the state more up north. Sorry Southern Utah, you probably won’t see any fireflies unless you travel. They also won’t be near busy cities and buildings so you will have to get closer to nature to see them up close. 

Fireflies are also way more active in the evenings so around 9:30 p.m. is the best time to see these insects.  

So how do you catch these little guys? 

It’s a simple affair if you are prepared. You need a net, some mason jars with holes for air and a damp paper towel. This will keep the fireflies in a humid environment and able to breathe. To keep them for a longer period, add some apple slices to your jar so that the fireflies can drink and get nourishment.  

Don’t keep them for longer than a day or two. It should be a catch and release situation and make sure it's in the evening so that they can be safe.  

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