When it comes to my sports fandom, it pretty much came with my birth certificate.

I'm a Detroit Tigers fan by birth, and Bonnie is a convert.
As a native Michigander, I'm a Detroit Tigers fan by birth and Bonnie is a convert.

But here in Utah we have no professional sports teams outside of the Utah Jazz and Real Salt Lake, so deciding what teams to be a fan of in other sports is left almost entirely up to the individual.

Ask someone in Utah why they’re a fan of a certain team, and you'll hear things like:

  • "My dad is from Chicago so I’m a Cubs fan."
  • "My boyfriend is from Arizona, so we like the Cardinals"
  • "My ex wife slept with Derek Jeter so now I like the Red Sox."

All of these are fine, good, valid reasons. As long as you're LOYAL.

Because there’s one group of Fan that is despised above all others...


The bandwagon fan is someone who supports a team just because they win a lot. And once that team starts losing, they begin to support another team.

A bandwagon fan is someone WITHOUT ANY MORALS. (Amazon/Mikey Foley)
A bandwagon fan is someone WITHOUT ANY MORALS. (Amazon/Mikey Foley)

This is the sports equivalent of a guy who dumps his loving wife of 30 years for some 20-year old floozy he met at a Buffalo Wild Wings.

NOBODY LIKES THAT GUY, and nobody likes a bandwagon fan for the same reason.

An accurate depiction of what a bandwagon fan looks like. (canva)
An accurate depiction of what a bandwagon fan looks like. (canva)

In Utah, I saw a lot of Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs bumper stickers, but only AFTER they ended their decades-long losing streaks.  Well to that, the more loyal fans say:

If You Can't Handle Me At My Worst Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

This is like ignoring the nice, nerdy guy who had a crush on you in high school, and then only giving him the time of day once he became rich.  That's messed up.

If this is you...

Even Michael Jordan thinks bandwagon fandom is a problem. (memebase)
Even Michael Jordan thinks bandwagon fandom is a problem. (memebase)

It doesn't matter what teams you support or how you came to support them, but just make sure you support them in the long run too.

Make a commitment!  You'll feel better about yourself.  Through thick and thin, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.  And not just until the secretary with a better batting average flirts with you.

Oh, and don't bet $200 that the Detroit Tigers will win the World Series.  That was a HUGE mistake.  Loyalty does have it's limits.

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