So you think you know everything there is to know about sports in Utah huh?

You're a big time sports fan in the Beehive State Babeeeeeee! (canva)
You're a big time sports fan in the Beehive State Babeeeeeee! (canva)

You've caught the foul ball at Smith's Ballpark, You've screamed your guts out at Rice Eccles Stadium, or you proudly introduce yourself as a "Cougar" even after you found out it means something else these days.

Maybe you kissed upon the A to become a "True Aggie", or you kissed in a fountain to be a "True Rebel" back in the day.

Buddy, when it comes to sports in the state of Utah, you are fully invested and filled with pride.

And although you may be able to recite the entire starting lineup of the 2004 Southern Utah University football team, but what about the unsung heroes of the games?

The true sport fanatics? The people that go out of their way to make sure everyone in the crowd has a good time, and the positive vibes keep on going even when your team is down by 20 in the last quarter?

You Da Real Mvp GIFs | Tenor
Mascots are the real MVPs. (Tenor)

Of course I'm talking about the MASCOTS. Sure Lauri Markkanen can dunk. But can he dunk off a trampoline after a couple of mid-air flips? Nope. That's the kind of bad-a**-ery that's reserved for the elite athletes who are so good, they can do it nearly blindfolded while wearing a foam head and furry pants.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Utah Jazz
Lets see Karl Malone try to pull off a 30 foot vertical like this guy.  Yeah.  That's what I thought. (Getty Images)

So let's show some gosh darn Utah respect to the real MVPs and see how well you know their names.

Can You Name These Utah Mascots?

How many of these mascots in the state of Utah can you name?
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