If you are brave enough to be out during the heat right now taking a summer hike in Utah, you may have noticed some strange balls of leaves in the trees.  

Some passersby would think these bundles of leaves and twigs are bird nests though they may seem a little big. Well, they would be wrong...mostly. Utah squirrels like to use the warmer months to build their nests also known as dreys, the Natural History Museum of Utah said.  

Fox squirrels are the culprits for this phenomenon and are active year-round in the state. However, now is the time when these little guys are busy building the dreys for Winter.  

These giant bundles of twigs and leaves are common, especially up north. Utah has a few arboreal squirrels, but it is most likely that any dreys you see will be from a fox squirrel. If you see these nests, please don’t disturb them and just be on your way.  

The little squirrels work hard to build their tiny home.  

Though usually found in trees, there is the possibility that a Utah fox squirrel will find your attic an inviting space and build its drey there. Obviously, this would not be ideal for either party. Call a professional for your removal needs.  

The dreys look creepy and large compared to a regular bird nest, but if you leave it alone, it should be fine. No need to disturb your local fox squirrel friend because now you know what it is and maybe you can even get some cool photos out of it.  

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