A new change to the Utah 6-12 education system may be coming...and it has to do with the success of life and the future.  

As someone who is not originally from Utah, some things still elude me however, even I have heard the tale of going to school, finding a nice man settling down, working, and THEN having children. Well, it seems a joint resolution to encourage this in Utah schools by Sen. Lincoln Fillmore was widely accepted by the legislature on Friday.  

The name of this formula is the Success Sequence, a research study done by the Institute of Family Studies that showed how millennials could be above the poverty line by the time they were in their late 20s and early 30s. Not a bad idea, right? 

Who wouldn't want to have guaranteed success in life with an easy formula? 

According to the study, 97% of millennials who followed the formula were not poor by the set time. This also included education only up to the high school level. However, since the study came out in the 2010s, I am not sure the numbers would necessarily be the same with the demand for college degrees and experience playing a part in today's work world.  

Utah already does part of this by teaching an abstinence-based sex education program, the Salt Lake Tribune said.  

Despite the old saying that church and state must remain separate, Utah doesn’t really follow that when it comes to sex education or sex before marriage.  

So, with Joint Resolution S.J.R 3 having gone to the Utah legislature with no pushback, it could become more widely taught in schools. However, a joint resolution is not a law but a way to show favor of a thought on certain topics and is “highly encouraged” in the law-making areas.  

Though the Success Sequence has been accepted by many, there are some other concerns like racial differences and shaming of the poor. It also encourages the fact that a woman might be considered a failure is she does get pregnant at the wrong time, the SLT said.  

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