Fire season is rampant in Utah and with the fireworks about to start the concern should be high.  

The Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands is seeing an increase in fires around the state, a press release said. Many of these fires have been agriculture debris and roadside related only spurred on by the heat. 

Wildfires that have started by vehicles and “other equipment” have been on the rise and 56 wildfires have been caused by vehicles since Memorial Day in Utah. 

Fire Sense is being encouraged by travelers and locals alike by state fire officials. Equipment like worn out brakes, tires, and improper air pressure can cause fires through rim exposure to the road. Any trailer chains should not be touching the ground since this can create sparks too.  

“Another leading cause of wildfire in Utah is from agricultural and debris burns that escape into neighboring lands. We encourage residents to follow all laws concerning burning yard debris”, said Jamie Barnes, the Director/State Forester for the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands.   

72 wildfires in the state have been caused by Agriculture or debris burn and 31 of those fires have happened during closed fire season. Closed fire season in Utah runs from June 1 to October 31.  

You basically need a permit to set fire to a brush, forest, range or anything similar. Any days marked as Red Flag days mean that it's illegal to have a fire of any kind.  

”These fires are preventable,” said Barnes, “Those parties that cause a wildfire can and will be held accountable for the damage caused. The state actively pursues cost recovery to pay fire suppression costs.” 


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