Though this topic is a bit morbid, funerals are a necessary thought that we all must consider eventually so why not make it epic? 

The usual idea for a funeral could be a casket or a cremation ceremony. Friends and loved ones will gather perhaps saying some nice words or sharing fond memories. There might be food later and in Utah funeral potatoes. These are all nice and normal ideas, but I’d like to have an epic funeral. Say, Viking style.  

Send me off with a flare (literally). Set me atop a pyre and let my body be set ablaze as my friends and family drink mead and eat good food.  

However, this wish is very much out of reach since the demand in the U.S. is pretty much non-existent. The only place where you can legally burn a body on a pyre is in one town in Colorado.  

Now this might sound kind of out there, but Utah should consider adding it to legal ways to handle a body after death.  

Besides leaving some room open for cemeteries, it would also eliminate the need for expensive caskets.

If you have to pay expensive fees anyway it should look cool and be beautiful. What's more perfect than a Viking funeral? Obviously during fire season this may not be possible but with the right precautions and at a cooler time of year it can be done.  

I’m not sure how one goes about petitioning it, but the idea is cool, and I think that some people would like this option for a funeral. I know that I would.  


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