The crazy holidays for 2023 have officially passed and now the consequences of a crazy night have come back to bite a few Utahns.  

New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July are notoriously busy times for the Utah Highway Patrol, who told Fox 13 that they pull extra shifts to ensure the safety of Utah roads. This New Year’s Eve was no different and several arrests were made across the state. New Years Day was also a hot day for arrests.  

Reportedly, 28 arrests for DUIs were made in Utah on Jan. 1. That's quite a lot, especially considering these were all made before 11:30 a.m. 

Fox 13 reported that there were 16 arrests on New Year’s Eve and 13 drivers were arrested on Saturday. Friday had nine arrests as well. So, UHP had a busy weekend with a total of 60 arrests for impaired drivers from Friday to Monday.  

UHP Corporal Luis Silva said that most incidents happen along the Wasatch Front during the time when holiday parties are going.  

"The majority of our crashes typically happen on, on I-15," Silva explained. "Typically, late at night, especially when we see drunk drivers." 

This number marked double the amount of DUI arrests that were made on Christmas weekend which totaled 30.  

If you were out and about on New Year’s Eve or the next day, you probably saw quite a few crashes. For those who did the right thing and found a ride, didn’t drink, or stayed the night, thank you.  


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