Rent talk is the worst and knowing that your options are limited makes it even more horrible to think about.  

Unfortunately, if you live in Utah, you’re already familiar with the unbelievably expensive rent prices in the market. It doesn’t really get better whether you are in Southern or Norther Utah, it's all relatively expensive. 

Utah made WalletHub's 2024 list of worst places to rent with two popular cities. Of the 180 rental markets that WalletHub looked at, neither of the Utah cities were close to 1 which was the best rental market. One city even went into the 100s. 

So which Utah cities are the worst to rent in? 

West Valley City 

Ranking No.66 on the list West Valley City didn’t score terribly but it also isn’t great. When WalletHub looked at the market and affordability, it ranked 71 and 82 for quality of life. Its total score was 47.48. Basically, West Valley isn’t the worst market to rent in but more like somewhere in the middle.  

Salt Lake City 

The state’s bustling city of Salt Lake came ranked No.103. Its affordability and overall market were 56 (better) and its total score came to 44.15. However, when it came to quality of life, Salt Lake City scored 133 (not good). 

WalletHub looked at several factors besides affordability including laws that protect renters, job market and recreation options in the area. Though Salt Lake City is a people hub and has its own attractions, living there isn’t great.  

Southern Utah cities didn’t make the list, but rent is still high. On the other end there is way less traffic and a ton of recreation options nearby. If it had been on the list, the quality of life score probably would have been decent.  

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