Utah has several cold cases, but this one might just be the most head scratching and bothersome of them all; the case of Susan Powell.  

A West Valley, Utah mother went missing in December 2009 under suspicious circumstances. Susan Powell, 28, was the mother of two, Braden and Charlie Powell and the wife of Josh Powell. After family members, coworkers and daycare attendants noticed that the usually punctual family hadn't called into work one morning, people became concerned.  

Authorities were called and an investigation began. What's even more concerning is that when authorities arrived at the Powell residence, Susan’s purse, snow boots, and keys were all at home, but the family was nowhere to be seen.  

Since it had been snowing, this was especially odd at the time.  

Different friends and family members had harbored concerns about Josh Powell during their relationship and even into the marriage. However, none of this stopped what is the suspected murder of Susan Powell.



The two sons and Josh Powell come home later the evening of Dec. 7, 2009, which is the same day the family was reported missing. When Josh returned home without Susan, he was questioned by the authorities and claimed he and the boys had gone for a midnight camping trip during an incoming storm. He claimed Susan should have been at work.  


Josh was taken to the local police station where he was interrogated for the disappearance of Susan Powell. The sons were also interrogated and claimed to have been camping with both parents, which contradicted Josh’s statements.  

A series of events took place after the initial interview with the police and through Dec. 10 Josh Powell takes some suspicious actions including renting a car to head to Salt Lake City Airport.  

 On Dec. 9, 2009, the police discovered DNA that matched Susan Powell in the family home.  

Despite many attempts to discover where Susan Powell was, the investigation continued for years. There was a lot of evidence but nothing solid that pointed to Josh Powell. To this day, Susan Powell has not been found but her story resurfaces every year.  

Josh Powell committed a shocking atrocity in 2012 including murdering his two sons and then himself.  

Utah and the U.S. remain fascinated about the disappearance of Susan Powell and all the events surrounding the case.  

You can listen to the Cold podcast that gives insight and interviews or watch Susan Powell: An ID Murder Mystery on Hulu for the full story.


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