Utah loves its cozy non-alcoholic drinks and one of its most beloved is the ever-popular hot cocoa, especially around this time of year.  

Dec. 13 is National Cocoa Day and if you haven’t had some hot chocolate this year yet, it’s a good day to get some. According to the National Day Calendar, cocoa has a few benefits like being full of antioxidants, digestive benefits, and some positive effects on arterial health.  

Not a bad excuse to grab a cup of hot cocoa.  

Explore Utah Valley lists the top five places to grab hot cocoa.  

C.R.E.A.M. & Sugar 

This is a local coffee shop located in Orem, UT that boasts some great hot chocolate. EUV said that they used steamed milk for their hot cocoa drink and a drizzle of chocolate syrup along with any extra flavoring you want.  

Peace on Earth Coffee 

Located in Provo, UT there are two locations, and this coffee shop sits on Provo Center Street. Though this is a hot spot for college students, anyone can enjoy their awesome drinks, including hot chocolate.  

The Truffle Cottage 

This one is unique as it’s a very nerdy chocolate shop, so you know that its hot chocolate will be good. There are several hot chocolate bombs you can order including Harry Potter-themed and Hocus Pocus themed versions. If you don’t live anywhere near there, you can order from the website. 

Brooker’s Founding Flavors Ice Cream  

Don’t be deceived by the ice cream title, these guys know their hot chocolate. Not only do they label it as “drinking chocolate” but there are several flavors you can choose from on the menu. There are four locations up north you can visit.  

Taste Artisan Chocolate 

This is EUV's top hot chocolate pick and it's easy to see why. The chocolate on the webpage alone looks amazing so the gourmet hot cocoa is bound to be good. If you are not located up north, you can order from the webpage and also request a virtual chocolate tasting which seems very cool.  

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