Taylor Swift is officially adding another acting role to her repertoire.

The first official trailer for David O. Russell's "original romantic crime epic" period piece, Amsterdam, finally offers the first look at Swift's character in the film.

Her appearance comes at the 2:09 mark, amid a slew of shimmering Hollywood stars. She's can be seen wearing 1930s hair and makeup while gazing mournfully off-screen.

The film is set in "a quirky and mysterious world in the 1930s," according to Variety.

The trailer shows three friends (played by Margot Robbie, Christian Bale and John David Washington) vowing to always protect each other before being accused of murder in 1930s Amsterdam, where they uncover further mysteries while trying to escape the charges against them.

"A lot of this actually happened," the trailer teases. "Three friends altered the course of American history."

The trailer comes after the 2021 announcement of Swift's involvement in a yet-to-be-released Russell film.

Watch below:

The film also stars Rami Malek, Anya Taylor-Joy, Zoe Saldaña, Mike Myers, Chris Rock, Robert De Niro and more.

Another trailer that premiered at CinemaCon back in April showed Swift's character weeping over the character's father's dead body.

Swift has previously appeared in a number of films, such as her as her turn in the infamous 2019 Cats live-action movie and her voice role in 2012's The Lorax, co-starring Zac Efron.

She also made a splash in the 2010 rom-com Valentine's Day (which sparked Taylor Squared, IYKYK) and made a cameo in 2009's Hannah Montana: The Movie, where she performed her song "Crazier."

Listen to Taylor Swift's "Crazier":

Amsterdam marks Swift's most serious role yet and fans are eagerly awaiting its premiere.

Amsterdam hits theaters Nov. 4.

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