Ever since I saw the groundbreaking true life documentary MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL, I have wanted to own a castle.Monty Python and the Holy Grail. - Album on Imgur

Yes, it was mainly so that I would have dancing parties and a person to follow me everywhere with a couple of hollow coconuts, but having a castle always looks like a really cool thing to do.

The Gypsy Astronaut

Unfortunately, after doing a little bit of digging in my family history, it turns out that I am not a part of any royal family, but rather just a long string of gamblers, alcoholics and horse thieves. Which explains a lot really.

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But if I were of royal blood, no doubt I would want to get a castle like this one in Little Valley, Saint George Utah.  It has absolutely everything you need to rule a kingdom.

Located at 2836 S 2300 E, St. George Utah, the castle sits atop a large hill, making it prominently featured in the neighborhood. In speaking with neighbors, it is often referred to as ‘Hogwarts.’

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And lucky for you, And you can live out your fantasies of being the King or Queen of Southern Utah, because according to zillow, this 8 bedroom, 10 bathroom, 15,650 square-foot modern day fortress is currently on the market for the low low price of just $3,650,000.

So let’s let down that drawbridge and take a look inside shall we?

We’d better do it now before these guys show up and give us a problem.Top 30 Monty Python French GIFs | Find the best GIF on Gfycat

Inside The 3.6 Million Dollar Castle In St. George Utah

This $3.6M home in Little Valley, St. George Utah looks like a castle fit for a wizard

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