April's full moon is coming up next week and it will be absolutely beautiful in Utah. 

According to Live Science the Pink Moon will appear from Tuesday April 23 through Wednesday April 24. There will also be a meteor shower going on at the same time. There are countless places in Utah to get a nice view of both events.  

Make a date out of it (yes, I know it's during the weekday) and plan a picnic or grab some takeout.  

However, catching a glimpse of these together will result in a long night since the meteor shower will be most visible just before dawn on the 22nd. If you do plan a late night, make sure to drive safely on the way home. 

There are a ton of ways to make a party out of the moonrise during the days that the Pink Moon will be most visible.  

Since it still gets a bit chilly at night, having a bonfire with some friends over is perfect way to enjoy it if you're not going out for a date. Have some smores and enjoy a night under the full moon. Watch out for werewolves and crazy people though. 

If you have a high lense camera, this is a perfect time to go out into the Utah desert or wilds and grab some super cool photos of the night sky. You can also try to find a dark area in your neighborhood where light is less prominent and won't interfere as much.  


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