October is National Book Month and with Fall setting the mood, it’s the perfect time to crack open a book and get back into reading. 

Utah has several well-known authors including Brandon Mull, the author of the Fablehaven and Dragonwatch series, and Brandon Sanderson, one of the kings of the fantasy genre. It’s a bookish state and not uncommon to see people carrying around a book whether it’s a hard copy, Kindle or phone.  

It's much easier to read anywhere you go with the ease of apps nowadays which means that National Book Month will be extra full of readers. You just may not be able to spot them as easily.  

Here Are Some Ways to Celebrate 

  • Dive into a new book. Now, this may sound basic, but I encourage you to read something you’ve always wanted to or much different than you usually do. I’m a lover of fantasy and breaking out of magical powers or dragons is a tough sell but you might find you enjoy another genre. Maybe a classic literature or a romance to start. 
  • Give a Friend a Book (or recommendation). Sharing your favorite book with a friend is a special kind of love. You can gush over the characters, cry over the plot, and fantasize about being swept away by a daring king together. 
  • Give Your Favorite Book a Shoutout. Show your favorite book some love by sharing it on social media. This helps the author and shows all your followers how cool you are for reading. You can also head over to Goodreads and leave a nice review.  


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