The Johnjay and Rich Show is all about family. The show hosts Johnjay, Rich, Kyle, and Payton spoke with Townsquare Media about joining local station B92.1 in the mornings.  

They know Utah better than you think and have plenty of ties to the state.  

“It was my home for a long time...I had been living in Utah during one of my core years growing up, so I'm like, super, super pumped,” Payton said.  

Payton was a former Weber State Wildcat in Ogden during college, so she is familiar with Utah. Plus, she even went to college here! How cool is that? 

Johnjay has an even closer connection to Utah, specifically Park City and St. George.  

“A couple of things about Utah. I've been going to Utah, going to Deer Valley, and Park City for 20 years. My son plays basketball in Hawaii and one of his teammates is from St. George.” 

Johnjay has also worked with Robbie Tripp who also has ties to Utah. Tripp was ecstatic about the news, Johnjay said.  

“When I told him that we were going to St. George, he went nuts! He was just so excited to tell his family so, it's a very exciting time for us,” Johnjay said. “And what we're looking forward to is the audience calling in and participating in a lot of our fun, crazy antics. Their stories about them, hearing about their workday, the fun unique things that happened to them because that's what we always share, our lives. We'd like to hear when everyone shares their stuff with us.”  

The show will help you on your way to work feel a little less crazy about all the stressful things life can throw at you. Ease into your morning with a laugh provided by the Johnjay and Rich Show.  

“It's about (the show) that you're part of the family. We are basically extending the family into St. George. So really what it's about is people sharing their lives with us, sharing our lives with them, and hopefully, in a very, very fun way that kind of brings the community together,” Rich said. 

On the show, you’ll hear about news, relationships, some passion projects like #Love Pup, and more. You can tune into the show on B92.1 every weekday morning from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. 

It’s a super fun show and TOTALLY different but in such a great way.  

“I want everyone to know that there's always an open. We want anyone to feel comfortable, to call, to participate, and feel like they're part of the show as well. I just feel like we're really open to inviting everyone in and we want everyone to know that they can participate, and they can come with us and just be friends with us and hang out with us,” Kyle said.  

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