Utah is full of many interesting past times like hunting, hiking, water parks and more but it boasts one unique hobby; the sword. 

That's right, you can learn the way of the sword in traditional European style in Salt Lake City. Travis Emery, a Knight Sentry directs classes at the United Clans Swordsmanship Association.  

Those interested in the way of the sword can take classes from instructors to learn the longsword, short sword, dagger, buckler, pole hammer, Messer, spear, and saber. There are also classes for unarmed fighting and defense, the website said.  

It is considered a type of martial arts and has dangers associated with the practice since the weapons used are all made with steel.  

The classes teach sparring, drills, and practice techniques for those who participate. All members need protective gear as well. The weapons are also borrowed until participants are sure they want to purchase themselves.  

So, Utah has a cool past time with sword classes. I can’t even imagine the grit and perseverance it takes to practice and learn with a real steel sword. However, as a medieval and fantasy enthusiast I think this sounds freaking awesome, especially the dagger.  

Handling a sword would definitely boost my self-confidence and since it's a form of martial arts you get exercise too. If you know a kid in your family who this would be perfect for just make sure they are 12 years old. That is the minimum age requirement.  

If you have taken these classes, I would love to hear about it! 


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