A remarkable event is taking place at Snow Canyon State Park, and Saturday is the LAST DAY, as a massive American flag waves proudly, attracting visitors from far and wide. Follow the Flag, a non-profit organization, has brought their gigantic 150 x 78 feet flag to honor the men, women, and children who dedicate their lives to protecting the freedoms of the United States of America.

Actual size of the stars in the Flag. 52 inches
Actual size of the stars in the Flag. 52 inches from point to point

The mission of Follow the Flag goes beyond mere flag-waving. The organization, co-founded by Kyle Fox and Ron Nix, seeks to heal those facing everyday trials, whether it be health issues, war trauma, abuse, loss of loved ones, or homelessness. With a deeply empathetic approach, they aim to uplift and inspire individuals with newfound strength and unity.


The flag itself is a sight to behold, and "this is the 19th flight of our organization, but the 1st flight of this flag, 'Miss Liberty', for Southern Utah. This flag will remain in Southern Utah". Brandon Griffiths shares. He is Co-Director of Follow the Flag Southern Utah.

With a massive size of 11,800 square feet, it holds the distinction of being the largest American flag ever flown. Weighing in at a staggering 440 pounds, it requires a well-coordinated team of dedicated volunteers to handle its immense size and weight. The stars on the flag are a sprawling 52 inches across, while the stripes measure an impressive 6 feet in width.

Volunteers carry the Flag to hang across the mountain
Volunteers carry the Flag into place

For those fortunate enough to witness this incredible spectacle, Snow Canyon State Park is the place to be until November 18th. The flag is securely hung in the middle, waving boldly against the backdrop of the red mountains, reminding all who gaze upon it of the sacrifices made for the nation's freedom.

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Follow the Flag aims to create a sense of unity among the American people, showcasing the power of coming together in a time when division can seem prevalent. By celebrating the heroes who protect and serve, and offering solace to those facing adversity, the organization is inspiring a renewed sense of purpose and determination in individuals across the nation.

Whether you are a local resident or a curious traveler passing through, Follow the Flag's tribute at Snow Canyon State Park is not to be missed. The profound symbolism of their colossal flag serves as a reminder of the strength, resilience, and unity that lies within each and every American.

For more information about Follow the Flag and their upcoming events, visit their official website at www.FTFSU.org


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