A woman on Reddit feels uncomfortable that her friends constantly bring up how much money her family has.

"Recently my friends figured out that my family has money. Growing up I knew my family was well off ... For context I grew up in a nice house, I was gifted a new car when I turned 16, had a monthly allowance and I had a college fund that took care of my school expenses," she wrote on Reddit.

"I was always taught to be humble and not to brag about what I had and in high school (I went to a public high school) no one really cared, but in college my friends took notice of the type of car I was driving, how I never really complained about not having enough money to go out, and other small things that never really occurred to me were signs that someone was wealthy," the woman continued.

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After she brought her friends to her family's beach house over the summer, they wouldn't stop talking about her "family's financial situation."

"They started Googling my family and found out what my parents do for work, the investment properties they own and the charity my mom sits on the board of. They found out I have to go home for a Christmas event that my family is sponsoring and are basically making fun of me for it," she shared.

When she told her friends it makes her feel "awkward" and asked them to stop talking about her family's finances, they responded to the tune of, "Why? If I had money I would want everyone to know."

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Users in the comments section rallied behind the young woman and slammed her friends for making her feel uncomfortable.

"Weird that your friends are so invested they stalked your parents' online information. I would say they are the a--holes. If something is making you uncomfortable and they are your supposed friends, they should stop," one person wrote.

"You’ve never flaunted your family’s financial situation or brought it up for discussion and it’s really none of their business… You shouldn’t be exempt from that privacy because your family has money. Your friends may think 'they would want everyone to know' if they had money but I can guarantee that if that were the case they wouldn’t want that or, at the very least, it would get old quick," another chimed in.

"I've been in a similar situation, and I did end up Googling my friend's parents out of curiosity… but I didn't bring it up to the friend afterward. I just read the information, went 'Huh, cool,' and moved on. It's the constantly talking about it which makes it weird," someone else commented.

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