At this point, nearly EVERYONE has seen an episode of FRIENDS, right? I know a lot of people crap on it, and say how terrible it is... And that used to be me! But I gave it a chance. AND I LOVE IT! But full disclosure: I ONLY like the episodes from when Chandler and Monica start sleeping together/dating. Anything before that is a lawless time. I don't claim those episodes.

But, if you're a fan of the show you PROBABLY have the Friends ranked from #1 down to #6. Each time I watch the series, I have a new favorite friend. They're constantly rotating.

Here is my FAVORITE FRIENDS ranked!

1. Phoebe Buffay:

Season 9 Flirting GIF by Friends

She's weird, unique, and kind of sexy! Most everything that comes out of Phoebe's mouth is comedy gold!

2. Ross Geller:

Embarrassed Season 6 GIF by Friends

Ross used to be my least favorite! My #6... But the more I watch the show, the more I think he's HILARIOUS! He's whiny, everything goes wrong for him, but he still somehow lands JENNIFER ANISTON! HOW?!

3. Chandler Bing:

Excited Season 4 GIF by Friends

Chandler used to be my #1, and he's probably the one with the funniest lines, so it pains me to have him so low on my list, but that just shows how FUNNY the others are! Chandler is USUALLY everyone's #1.

4. Joey Tribbiani:

Season 6 Flirt GIF by Friends

I used to not really care for Joey, but the more I watch the more I love him. He's so innocent, most every joke or reference goes over his head, but he's so lovable.

5. Rachel Green:

Episode 2 Rachel GIF by Friends

Rachel learning how to be a mom is one of the funniest parts of the show. She gets so nervous. Also, her relationship with Ross is ALWAYS FUNNY!

6. Monica Geller:

Season 4 Monica GIF by Friends

Monica seems to always be the bottom of everyones list, and I think it's because her personality is ALWAYS the in-charge-type and I think that turns people off. But how neurotic she is with cleaning always makes me laugh, because WE ALL KNOW SOMEONE LIKE THAT! Also.. the "SEVEN, SEVEN, SEVEN, SEVEN" May be the best, funniest part of the entire show!


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