I love living in Utah, and I love comic books. 

Me & my pal, Spidey
Me & my pal, Spidey

One thing that makes MARVEL characters in particular so relatable, is the fact that many of these heroes are human, with human problems and human flaws. 

Yes Peter Parker is a super hero with incredible powers, but he’s also a dork who has trouble getting a date.

Bruce Banner is a complicated soul who is a scientific genius and a great guy. But he has trouble controlling his emotions and becoming someone else entirely when he’s angry.


On some level, most of us can relate to these problems.

The state of Utah is much like all of us.  We are all flawed and at the same time we are all wonderful in our own way.

Utah is a beautiful, spectacular place to live. And as much as we like to put on a show like we don't have any problems, we do.  And that's okay.

Every city, every neighborhood, every family has their own set of challenges and personalities that make them who they are and give them their own specific charm.

Here is a list of Utah cities that have a lot in common with Marvel characters. I apologize in advance if I did not name your particular city, I may do a part two :-)

If Cities In Utah Were Marvel Characters

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