If you were an orange, what would be inside?

I recently came across an older video of Wayne Dyer. If you don’t know who he is, he was a spiritual teacher, with many bits of wisdom. This is the metaphor he taught, what he said really resonated with me and I want to share it with you.

“Do you see this orange? Squeeze this orange, as hard as you can squeeze it, what do you think would come out? What comes out when you squeeze an orange? Orange juice.” Wayne Dyer shares. “Never, no matter how many times you squeeze it, will apple juice come out.” 

It will never be grapefruit juice or lemon juice, because it is an orange. The next question he poses is, "WHY?" Dyer's answer is not a surprise, “It is really simple–because that is what is inside.”  

He continues as he invites the listener to “extend the metaphor" and imagine someone squeezes you. How do we react when someone does something rude to us or offends us? Do we become angry, bitter, irritated, or experience anxiety?

Julien - Unsplash
Julien - Unsplash

When life happens to us, or events and people test our resolve, what comes out? 

Think about that for a moment. 

I like to use driving analogies because it is something I am personally working to be more patient with in my life. Imagine that you are driving along, minding your own business, staying in your lane and someone else just isn’t paying attention.  (This never happens, right?)

The other driver is on their phone, or fiddling with the station and suddenly veers into your lane. Then they get mad at you (how dare you maintain your lane) and flip you off. 

Figuratively, they are squeezing you.

What comes out of you? Are you angry too? Do you respond by pointing a finger right back in their direction? Do you yell at them? Words they will never hear?  Bearing your testimony about their skills? 

Just like the orange, whatever is inside of us will come out. Situations like these are mere opportunities to improve our reactions, choose a more peaceful path, and together make this world a little better.

Ditto Bowo - Unsplash
Ditto Bowo - Unsplash


Becoming a kinder, gentler version of ourselves each day, starts with remembering the orange, and that what is inside is what will come out.

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