St. George has a wonderful BBQ scene and you wont want to miss out on it!

The history of BBQ actually goes all the way back to 1492 when Christopher Columbus came to the Americas, according to Smithsonian Magazine. Columbus saw the people he encountered cooking meat over an indirect flame. When the Spanish also made their way to the Americas, they also encountered this style of cooking meat over a fire with green wood without burning. The Spanish called this barbacoa.  

After that, the South divides up and creates its own versions of BBQ. Colonists during the Civil War were thought to have added their own tastes like coating the BBQ meat in sauce or using a mustard-based BBQ. Many of these styles that originated from the South have made their way across the country and now BBQ can be found in just about every place in the U.S.  

Obviously, St. George is no exception.  

Southern Utahns love their BBQ and there tend to be annual events dedicated to the art of BBQ often held at the BBQ Pit Stop of St. George. Of course, there are also local restaurants that specialize in BBQ. 

Local BBQ Places In St. George

D.U.B’s BBQ 

This BBQ stop has been around since 2007 according to the website. D.U.B’s offers a taste of homemade everything including BBQ sauce and sides. There are sandwiches, ribs, brisket, pulled pork, catfish, and more. That’s just a few of the main plates which come with sides like coleslaw, mac & cheese, and all the fixin’s of a good Southern meal.  

There are a ton of options for sizes so you can order big or small depending on how hungry you are.  

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit 

Now, this may be a franchise, but I can attest to the fact that they are pretty decent. Taking a book from the BBQ state, this food stop focuses on Texas-style barbecue. Dickey’s offers pulled pork, smoked brisket, pork ribs, and several kinds of sausage. They also offer chicken wings in multiple sizes. You can have your tender barbecued meat just by itself or in sandwich form and your choice of sides.  

Pica Rica 

This is one of St. George’s newest food stops. This may not be your typical American BBQ, but it offers some great new styles to try. It’s a fusion restaurant that offers some dishes you can’t get anywhere else in town.  

Here at Pica Rica, we are marrying the culture of Mexican cuisine with authentic central Texas-style barbeque. It’s our version of Americana barbeque, which brings people together as a “Family”; Familia = barbeque.” Pica Rica Website 

Just like the origins of the style, Pica Rica offers barbacoa-style barbecue. They also have traditional brisket, sausage, puller pork, and ribs for meat options. What makes them unique is the options included in the menu that speak to Mexican cuisine.  Equites is a side Pica Rica offers and for any Mexican food lover, it’s a must. Corn with spices, queso fresco, and sour cream make for a refreshing opposite to the smoked BBQ.  

Big Luds BBQ 

This is one of Southern Utah’s most-loved food trucks and with as many options as there are, it’s no surprise. This is true local BBQ from Utah native Yori Ludvigson. His love for smoking meat in the ground started in 1997 and grew into the business it is today. Big Luds has single sandwiches and BBQ plates that are served out of the food truck. They serve the usual brisket and pulled pork but they do serve nachos which is unique.  

One thing that stands out is the recipes tab on the Big Luds BBQ website. Ludvigson shares his love of smoked barbecue meats by feeding the crowds and supplying them with the knowledge of how to feed themselves. Not a bad deal.  

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