I remember when I was younger, I would look through the phonebook a lot.   

Yes, I’m old enough to remember using a phonebook.  Shut up.Old GIFs | Tenor

Anyway, about a thousand years ago when I was looking through the white pages, I would check to see how many people had my last name. Since my last name is FOLEY, I didn’t find all that many.  The closest thing I have to fame with my name is Foley Catheters.  Awesome.

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But then I would go off and look through other names that are incredibly common Southern Utah Names. Names like Gubler, Ence, Christensen, Jensen, and McArthur

I remember thinking “wow, how did these pioneer families have so many kids to pass on their names like this?  And then I’d remember how the pioneers had some rather…uh…UNIQUE views on family dynamics.

Don’t make me say it. You already know what I’m talking about.

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But if you’re like me, you’ve wondered: What are the most common last names in the Beehive State?  And how common is my last name?  Thanks to a little bit of surfing the internet, I was able to find the 20 most common last names in Utah.  

Here's a fun game.  For each last name you see, try to think of someone you know with that last name.  For every person you can think of, you'll get a point.  If you get 15 or more points, you have earned the right to walk around the office and tell everyone how much cooler you are than them.  People LOVE hearing that.

SPOILER ALERT: “Dinglefritz” is not on the list.

The 20 Most Common Last Names In Utah

These are the 20 most common last names in Utah. Is your last name on the list?
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