Over the weekend a possible love story made its way to the local St. George Word of Mouth Facebook page, and residents are VERY invested.  

Poster Marci Scott went to the page on Saturday and described “Josh” who she met at Café Rio. Scott said she had been confused for a family friend when she and Josh got to talking. Unfortunately, there was no exchange of contact info which led to Scott seeking help on social media.  

Guys! Call me crazy, but he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, and I’d really like to talk to this guy again. Think I can find him? He wears black-rimmed glasses, has his dark hair shaved almost bald, and kinda looks like Superman.”-Marci Scott

Scott posted a picture of herself on Saturday so people could help find Josh. So far, there are over 400 comments on the original post. Plus, another poster coined #findjosh to add to the search. Obviously, the public wants to know how this ends.  

Several commenters were helpful in suggesting random local Joshs they found online. Unfortunately, none have yet to come forward and claim themself as “the Josh”.  

In a super sweet way, the community is totally rooting for Scott.  

One poster said, “Hope you find him, thanks for sharing this beautiful story.” 

Another chimed in with, “You have to find him after all this effort! Seriously sending you good vibes.” 

This story is SO ADORABLE! The Southern Utah community really came together for this one. Scott is now reaching out to the local Café Rio to see if maybe he’s a regular. She's promised to give an update if she manages to find Josh.  

Good luck Marci! 



Jordan & Hunter - A Kiss Cam Love Story in Pictures

According to a post on his Facebook page, Stephen had personally invited Jordan Schwoeppe and her family to Star Wars Night after watching her play basketball for the South Spencer Lady Rebels earlier in the week. The original plan was for her prom date to join her, but for whatever reason, they weren't able to make it, so she brought her friend Mason instead.

Ahead of the game, Jordan's mom made a comment that there was no way the two of them would make it on the Kiss Cam. Stephen apparently saw that as a challenge and put the wheels in motion to make it happen. He spoke to Jordan and Mason during the first intermission and gave them a heads up to be ready. And ready they were with each of them having a message prepared on their phone to show the whole arena.

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