You've heard the saying "Time flies when you're having fun".  That's because "Time flies when you go barreling down the ski slope of life toward your inevitable grave" doesn't have the same folksy ring to it.

It's been said that Nostalgia is just a memory without the anxiety.  And if you're like me, you often find yourself waxing nostalgic about St. George.  How many times have you driven past a place and thought "I remember when this entire neighborhood was just an open space for horses" or "Why don't the guys at Cafe Rio yell "EXTRA CHEESE!" anymore?!"

Is this what getting old feels like?!  If so, at what point do I start sitting on my porch and yelling at kids to "pull up their pants" and "turn that darn music down!"?

While I'm not quite ready to put on suspenders and refer to Wheel Of Fortune as "The Wheel", I am feeling like a geezer when I drive around town.

But alas, change is just a part of life.  A wise person once told me that "you can spend your time trying to stop the waves, or you can learn to surf."  So surf I shall.  But my legs are getting wobbly.

You can't stop the world from spinning, and you can't turn back the clock.  But with google maps, we may have found a loophole.  Fire up the DeLorean, step into the Tardis, and lets take a trip back in time as we see how our quaint little town of St. George Utah has transformed into a city.

30 Google Maps Photos Of St. George That Will Make You Feel Old

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