In it's heyday, Kmart was THE place to get everything.

I remember as a kid going to Kmart for my back to school shopping, my Christmas shopping, and everything in between.

There was also this thing called the "Blue Light Special".  There you'd be, minding your own business shopping for underpants or whatever, and on the loud speaker you'd hear the magic words.

"Attention Kmart Shoppers.  We have a Blue Light Special in our ________ Department.  For the next 15 minutes, all _______s are buy one get one free."

This created an excitement and pandemonium that I've been trying to duplicate my entire adult life.

me, circa 1990's at Kmart
me, circa 1990's at Kmart

It was adrenaline mixed with fear and topped off with a serotonin cherry that to this day has never been rivaled.  It was the most fun you could have at a store with your pants still on.

But as all good things go, there had to be an end.  With the competition of other big retailers like Walmart and Target, Kmart couldn't keep up.  After a while, the store began to look run down and sad.  Sun bleached signage that clearly hadn't been updated since the mid-nineties spelled out it's slow demise.

Getty Images
Kmart, in its last days. Getty Images

The St. George Utah store has been empty for several years now, and many locals are wondering what will take it's place?  What will give us the thrill of that blue light special and Kathy Lee Gifford pantsuits?

We asked you, the listening audience and here are the most requested retailers by locals in St. George Utah.

What Should Open In The Old St. George Kmart?

These are the most requested businesses to open in St. George Utah
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