Electric cars are so hot right now and there may be several reasons why.

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Electric Vehicles are so hot right now. (tenor)

You may have thought about having an electric vehicle because gas prices are constantly changing, but never truly becoming affordable.

Or you may be more interested in no tailpipe emissions, ultimately leading to cleaner air.

Another reason might be the rebates you can receive from state or federal taxes.

Of course, I do believe there are some people who get an electric car for no other reason than to show off.  Yeah, I said it!  They won't admit it, but it's a status symbol.

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How some people look when driving a Tesla (tenor)

So, there are a variety of reasons someone may purchase an electric car.  For this reason, Dixie Power has come up with a great plan. They purchased two Hyundai Konas which are 100% electric.

Dixie Power's EV Experience program will loan you a Hyundai Kona to try for a week
Dixie Power's EV Experience program will loan you a Hyundai Kona to try for a week FREE


Two of these vehicles are being provided for Dixie Power customers use.  If you sign up for the program, Dixie Power lets people drive one of their electric cars for one full week, for FREE, no strings attached.

Their goal is to help everyone understand the cost and benefits of owning an electric car. While it is true that they don't need gas, it is replaced with electricity that isn't free either.

We signed up for the program mid December, and their first available opening wasn't until mid March.  So, we started our week long test drive yesterday. So far everything is going smoothly.

If you are a Dixie Power member and want to try it out, go here and sign up for yourself!

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