Utah has a ton of noteworthy places to see but one stands out for its beauty and mystery.  

Named one of the oldest lakes in North America, Bear Lake is a gem in Utah on the border near Idaho. It has been nicknamed the “Caribbean of the Rockies” because of its unique coloring and depth.  

Not only is Bear Lake gorgeous but it's also the deepest lake in the state. It is roughly 208 feet deep so a great place for scuba divers and those looking for a deeper swim.  

The oldest sediment from the lake is guessed to be about 250,000 years old but could be much older. Some scientists think the lake could be millions of years old. This is unique because usually lakes tend to disappear over time, but Bear Lake hasn’t. 

Also, the lake isn’t technically blue like in some of the pictures, it’s due to the tiny particles of calcium carbonate. You need to have the right lighting to get that blue color. Scuba divers have the advantage here.  

Bear Lake has less algae, so it is much clearer than other lakes. It makes it totally worth taking a trip there just for the views alone.  

The shoreline is both sandy and rocky depending on where you are, so it isn’t really an ideal “beach” spot.  Make sure that if you do visit that you keep the lake free of any trash so it can continue to be a beautiful place to visit and see. 

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