Utah is one of the best places on earth to see the stars and enjoy the wonders of the universe. 

There are several places to go for daytime fun with beautiful scenery and many places to enjoy the night sky. Think of fun bonfires and s’mores with friends and family as a good reason to step out into the summer nights of Utah.  

The beehive state has the most certified dark sky communities and national parks in the world according to Utah Elevated. This comes as no surprise with places like Zion National Park, Moab, Ivins, and Antelope Island State Park.  

Dark sky communities have little light pollution and ordinances in place that take measures to ensure the area stays that way. Moab is the most recent addition to the dark sky communities in Utah to have been certified.  

Places that are heavily populated like Salt Lake City and St. George won’t have the best view of the night sky, but the city lights can sure be pretty.  

So, though it will be getting hotter throughout the state, if you wait for night to fall you can have amazing views and make good memories. Plus, June is Great Outdoors Month so it's the perfect time to visit some of Utah’s state and national parks.  

Whether it's a day trip or camping, there are plenty of places to visit in Utah to view the stars. Summer is a fantastic time to explore the wild and if you have a camera, setting it up for night photography will yield some great results.  


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