It's been a long day and all you want to do is curl up into the bed and pass out but first, what to wear? 

StyleSeat did a survey on over 2,000 Americans on what they wear to bed and more importantly, which state was the most stylish. When you think of bedtime routines and cozying up in the most restful place in your home, do you consider your pajamas? 

Well, evidently some states do. Utah’s rankings might surprise you...or not. 

The most common sleepwear in America according to StyleSeat is a T-shirt or tank-top and underwear. Pretty basic. Utah falls into the basic category. We keep it simple, and we know what we like. 

However, being stylish in sleepwear is more than just what you wear to bed. There are also socks, bedroom décor, made beds, and where you actually sleep to consider. Utah has a variety of climates so I am sure some will disagree with the following ratings but let's see how well StyleSeat did.  

Utah ranked number six for wearing socks to bed tied with Florida, Iowa, Ohio, and Wisconsin. If you’re wearing socks to bed, you’re a heathen but anyway...The Beehive state made neither the least nor most likely lists to sleep naked. We are ready for home intruders but probably wouldn't do well on Naked and Afraid.  

About 60% of Americans admitted to wearing “old, worn-out sleepwear” which honestly, that ratty T-shirt can never be replaced and is the comfiest thing we own (at least for me). Utah agrees with me as it’s the number one most likely state to wear worn-out sleepwear.  

Taking a peek past sleepwear, StyleSeat also found that 48% of Americans have a “thoughtfully decorated room.” Your bedroom is a safe place and one you want to be able to not only feel comfortable in but be able to make a haven. It makes sense that almost half of Americans want their bedrooms to be cute, cozy, rad, or just a place of self-expression. 

However, when you’re out of your little den, it’s more common to wear something nicer, say for a sleepover. 48% of Americans said they wear nicer pajamas when they sleep at someone else's house. 

40% said that they don’t sleep in a made bed. Dave Ramsey is shaking his head in disappointment. 

So which states were ranked the most stylish sleepers?  

With a combination of all these factors, Utah did not make the list. The top three are Colorado, Maine, and Massachusetts. Utah did however take the number three spot for the state with the LEAST stylish sleepers only outdone by Indiana and Kentucky.'s time we step up our sleep game. I propose matching pajamas year-round and only made of silk.  

What do you think? Did these rankings surprise you? 

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