Welcome back to Community Theater Watch! Here I was, relaxing in my office, thinking I’d covered everything there was to see in the Southern Utah community theater scene for June. Then a speeding bullet of an announcement caught me off guard that just absolutely needed to be talked about.  

Center for the Arts at Kayenta: The Last Five Years 

The Last Five Years is a rather heartbreaking, but incredibly beautiful musical about a budding relationship turning into a failed marriage. The catch to the structure of the plot, however, is anything but unoriginal.  

There are only two roles in the show, with one being Jamie, and the other being Cathy. The show starts with Cathy at the end of their marriage, but then shifts to Jamie five years earlier at the beginning of their relationship. Cathy proceeds to recall the relationship from the end to the beginning, while Jamie recalls it from the beginning to the end. Yeah, like I said, anything but unoriginal. 

While that sounds rather complicated, the show does an excellent job of presenting the premise without it being confusing. 

A Southern Utah Twist 

This is where this particular production of The Last Five Years goes from excellent to downright special.  

The roles of Jamie and Cathy will be portrayed by beloved local musical couple, Greg Knell and Mimi Knell. Greg and Mimi are very well known in the Southern Utah community theater scene, and they both have the chops to pull off a show of this magnitude.  

From personal experience, I’ve had the pleasure of working with both Greg and Mimi, and I mean it when I say you won’t want to miss this. 

The Last Five Years will open June 15 at the Center for the Arts at Kayenta and will close June 24. Don’t miss out on these incredibly talented members of Southern Utah giving their all to these roles. 


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