St. George’s Airport is growing, and Utah as a whole is a flight hot spot because of the Salt Lake City Airport.  

Not only do these airports provide jobs for Utahns, but they also support the transportation economy in the state. Why would you take a six-hour bus drive when you could be in the air for half that time? 

Well, Thursday, Dec. 7 is National Civil Aviation Day and a fantastic time to take a step back and think of the wonderful things that come from aviation. According to the National Day Calendar, International Civil Aviation Day represents all nonmilitary aircraft in private and commercial sectors.  

Here Are Some Stats From NDC: 

  • The International Civil Aviation network carries over 4 billion passengers a year 
  • The global Air Transport sector supports 65.5 million jobs 
  • It creates a global economic activity worth 2.7 trillion dollars 
  • Each day, 120,000 flights carry 12 million passengers safely to their destination 
  • 3.6 percent of the global economic activity is supported by this industry 


That’s a lot of people taking flights all over the world which means a lot of jobs in aviation. Think of not just the pilots but those working at the airports, flight attendants, traffic control, etc. 

Some places may even have airshows to celebrate the day. You can check your local airport or maybe even an aviation club to see if there are any activities you can go see. Some other ways to celebrate International Civil Aviation Day include watching some historical documentaries and sharing the hashtag #InternationalCivilAviationDay on your social media.  

If you know anyone who works in aviation, make sure to thank them.  


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