Most of us have done our shipping for the year with returns from Christmas. However, if you’re a Utah resident who does so regularly, there are a few things you need to know.  

Certain items just can’t be shipped by the USPS; many of them are common sense, but a few may make you turn your head. So, if you’re thinking of ordering or mailing any of the following products in Utah (some are anywhere), think again.  


If you’ve lived here all your life you might not know that it is common to order wine online from other states. California is supposed to have GREAT wine however, it either needs to come from Utah-approved liquor stores or you need to travel there. No importing or ordering any kind of booze.  


This should be a no duh but maybe it isn’t for some. The USPS classifies explosives as fireworks, ammunition, fuses, and model rocket engines. If it can explode...don’t send it. 


I’m not sure who's sending these but don’t. Scuba tanks, airbag inflators, and aerosols are a no-go.  

Flammable liquids 

For obvious reasons, don’t try to send someone gasoline, no matter how expensive it is for them. Certain paints and inks are also not allowed since they may contain some type of fuel. This also includes varnishes and some cosmetics. If it has fuel in it, you probably shouldn’t be putting it on your face anyway.  

Flammable solids 

Again, who is sending these things enough to make a list??? Don’t send matches or signal flares. It's the USPS, not a boat.  

There are a few other things you shouldn’t be sending that include toxic materials, radioactive materials and so on. If you’re curious, the full list is here.  

Happy shipping in Utah! 


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