PAWS (Providing Animals With Support) of St. George is hosting its annual spring Raffle Ticket event.  

The organization is a local non-profit that helps with rescuing, fostering, and getting the animal to medical care if need be. PAWS will take in animals from local kill shelters or city shelters in certain cases as well.  

PAWS spends thousands directly from donations to make sure the animals can survive and get the medical help they need. The organization said it spent $18,000 at the vet just last month.  

The raffle event is one of two PAWS puts on every year and they are the non-profit's largest fundraising event. Any funds raised from the raffle will of course go toward vet bills, food, and any other needs that the rescue may have.  

But it’s not just an opportunity to give back to animals and need and help out the volunteers who spend so much time at PAWS. The community can also win big when they enter the raffle.   

For $5 you can win a prize anywhere from a $25 gift card to a $500 gift card. You can also get five raffle tickets for $20.  

This Year’s Raffle Prizes Are: 

$500 Costco Card (you do not need to be a member to use a Costco gift card) 

$200 Bone Apetit Natural Pet Pantry Gift Card
$200 Walmart Gift Card
$150 TJ Maxx Gift Card
$150 Home Depot Gift Card
$100 Maverik Gas Gift Card
$100 Maverik Gift Card
$50 Amazon Gift Card
$25 The Habit Card
$25 Moss & Timber Gift Card 


To get your raffle tickets visit or go in person to PAWS and pick them up. The raffle will end on June 3. Winners will be notified the same day.  


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