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Mikey & the Mrs Show6-10aMonday - Friday
Today's Hit Music with Cindy10-3pMonday - Friday
Today's Hit Music with DJ3-7pMonday - Friday
Zach Sang Show7-12aMonday - Friday
New Music Download Show6-8pSunday
Talent Bios


Mikey Jon Foley is the lesser half of MIKEY & THE MRS on B92.1.   Mikey started in radio in 1998 at Southern Utah University in Cedar City.  After graduation, he took on several jobs that he really really sucked at. In 2013, he returned to radio as co-host of ROBYNNE AND MIKEY IN THE MORNING on KREC Star98FM.  In 2015, he moved his so-called talents to B92.1 where he co-hosted THE DEZ AND MIKEY SHOW and the B92 REQUEST SHOW.  After his co-host Dez retired from show because she grew sick of his bullcrap, Mikey was forced to hire his wife and so began MIKEY AND THE MRS.  Mikey is a proud father of 5 children, 3 of which were conceived on purpose.



Bonnie Foley (The Mrs) is the better half of MIKEY AND THE MRS on B92.1.  Bonnie is a newcomer to radio, where she was brought onto the air in 2016 for the sole purpose of mocking her husband, Mikey until he cries like the sissy he is.   Bonnie loves entertaining audiences and asks you to please give her a high-five if you ever see her in public.  She also asks you to ignore the fact she was wearing pajama pants because dangit sometimes jeans just feel a little too formal for grocery shopping.


Written accounts of the elusive Andrea are rare. Most of what we know about her is from eye witness accounts. From what can be pieced together she’s most likely to be spotted at concerts (30+ so far), comic cons, book stores, comic book stores, and record stores. Further accounts also seem to indicate that she is fueled by coffee and sushi. You can hear her host the New Music Download Show Sunday nights from 6 to 8pm.

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