AI technology has been helpful for many but unfortunately, it's also being used for scams in Utah.  

That’s right, your SMS (Short Messaging Service) or better known as text messages is a prime place for scammers to target unsuspecting individuals. One of the easiest ways for scammers to target you is by creating some sort of “urgent” message that needs your attention “immediately”. 

CNET reported that the latest scam is phishing via your bank. This is obviously an important institution which houses your money. So, getting a text message saying your account has suspicious activity would freak anyone out. There will be a link asking you to verify your identity which is FAKE! 

Scammers use AI tech to create “credible” messages that will make you feel like the message is real and urgent.  

Some other tactics that cyber criminals will use are the promise of a prize or a completely harmless message that is imitating a coworker or the like, Better Business Bureau said. These messages always have some sort of link or phone number asking you to interact. 

If you download or interact with a link from one of these phishing messages, there's a chance of malware being downloaded, or you could be hacked. This can lead to scammers getting access to your IP address or Wi-fi of your home.  

So, the best way to avoid this is to never download or click on a message or link you are unsure of. Check with the entity (like your bank) to see if they did send out a message. Most of the time that is not how they will contact you.  


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