The Red Cliffs Mall is getting a boba tea shop and that would be the perfect addition to the treat/food options.  

Sharetea is a global tea shop that started in 1992 according to the website. Founder Cheng Kai-Lung was a film director who was unsatisfied with his career so, he opened Sharetea. Though he encountered hardships, Kai-Lung believed “when you have strong faith, big thing happens”. 

The tea shop already has two Utah locations, West Valley City and Orem.  

St. George will be the third Utah shop and according to signs found in the mall, it should open sometime this summer though no date has been set.  

Sharetea looks particularly enticing because of all the options they have in each category. There are milk teas, fruit teas, blends, and tea mojitos(non-alcoholic). The add ins that make it “bubble tea” include red beans, lychee, aloe vera, pudding, pearls (tapioca), and herb jelly. 

I am a HUGE fan of all things tea, bubble or not, so I will definitely be trying this place out once it’s open.  

If you have never tried bubble tea you are totally missing out! The jelly and add-ins can be a bit much for some people, but I love playing around with food texture. I recommend starting with a milk tea in a flavor you like and then try the add-ons once you’ve found your favorite flavor.  

There are even flavors like Oreo and strawberry for those who like to stay on the safe side of food.  

Hopefully, this place arrives soon because there is nothing like a cold bubble tea in the St. George summer heat.  


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