As the prices of goods get higher and employees demand more pay (as they should), some businesses are not able to keep up with the demand. 

One company which has locations all over the U.S., including Utah, will be shutting down for good. Since it's not a huge name brand, it is feeling the effects of the current economy and just one of the many businesses that has had to close its doors in 2024.  

The Body Shop, a somewhat popular UK brand cosmetics company, will be closing all its U.S. location, CNN reports. The company is also closing many of its Canada locations as well.  

The Body Shop locations tend to be in malls and even though they were originally aimed at the middle class, inflation played a big role in shutting this retailer down.  

The company was initially known for its cruelty-free, sustainable and ethically conscious products when founded in 1976. As one of the first companies to prohibit animal testing for its products, it paved the way for future cosmetics brand aimed at cruelty-free processes.  

Though the company did well for itself in the past, there has been a year-over-year decline since 2022, CNN said.  

Utah only had one, The Body Shop location in Murray but the loss is still there. Last year, The Body Shop was sold to Aurelius for approximately $250 million.  

It's a sad state for a leading company to close its doors in this way but inflation is insane right now. Hopefully it will chill out soon.  

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