A mom on Reddit is considering leaving her son, 19, in jail after he hit a pregnant woman with his car, broke his nose and received stitches on his face.

"He was arrested and is in the county jail hospital. He wouldn't tell me how badly injured the woman is, except that she might lose the baby," the frustrated mom wrote.

She explained her son is a "careless, distracted driver who has totaled two cars, which his bio dad immediately replaced with even better cars!"

"But now his bio dad is gone (heart attack) and I don't want to enable this dangerous driving problem. I'm overwhelmed," she continued, adding her son has "always been bailed out," but this time she wants him to learn a lesson.

"I'm trying to get a regular lawyer because now he says she might lose the baby and sue him. But no one wants me to take the time to get a regular lawyer instead of this public defender who insists I must send the bail money NOW or my son will be in jail all weekend," she shared.

"Honestly, I don't know. Maybe that would be good for him. Like a wake up call," the mom concluded her post.

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Users in the comments section urged the mom to let her son learn his lesson.

"He is an adult. He made a choice that resulted in serious injury to an innocent person, and further, his history indicates previous lessons have not been learned. Police may have arrested him for a number of reasons beyond just DUI. If he is in jail for this, there's likely a damn good reason for it. Leaving him there to spend the weekend thinking seems quite reasonable," one person wrote.

"Two cars totaled by 19 is a lot. Son needs to learn how to bike," another joked.

"Not only did he cause serious injury to an innocent person (the pregnant mom), but he likely killed the baby, which to me means he destroyed a family with his decision. I've seen this as a paramedic and he needs to spend the weekend (at least) in jail. His choices and actions are only going to keep getting worse because he has yet to face real consequences. A weekend in jail and a public defender," someone else chimed in.

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