A mom received support on Reddit after venting that her son won’t stop punishing her and his father for missing his wedding due to circumstances out of their control.

"My son got married a few years ago, he lives on the other side of the country [than] us. He got a great job opportunity after college so he moved down. Two years ago he got married to Jenny and from what I heard, it was a beautiful wedding,” she began.

"So the whole issue started when we were trying to get there. The wedding was on Saturday and our plane left Thursday night. Well it got delayed and then delayed about four more times (Friday morning at this point) and then all the planes got canceled due to a storm,” she continued on Reddit.

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The woman explained that even if she and her husband drove, they still would have missed the wedding ceremony.

"So we informed him and he was pissed. We sent our well wishes and we could FaceTime in if he wanted. He told us no and we saw a video of him getting married. Now the present day issue, any time we get in an argument or he wants us to do something he pulls up [the] we missed his wedding card,” she shared.

When they recently got into an argument about them not being able to visit him for Thanksgiving due to budget restrictions, her son brought up the wedding subject yet again.

"He pulled the ‘you missed our wedding, it's the least you can do’ [card]. I told him enough and that he needs to get over it. He called me a jerk,” she concluded her post.

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Many users in the comments section took the mom’s side.

"It sounds like you and your husband made all reasonable efforts to get there and it just wasn't going to happen. Personally, I would've still driven to at least have gotten to the reception and celebrate but that's just me. That being said, that's a big milestone moment you missed and it's going to take time for him to get over it. But it's not fair for him to use it as a weapon against you and your spouse anytime things don't go his way. He needs to find a way to make peace with the situation without lording it over you for all of time," one person wrote.

"You can’t control the weather and I’m frankly a little uncomfortable with how little your son seems to care about your safety. If the storm was bad enough to cancel flights I doubt it would be very safe to drive in especially if you were in a hurry to get there. It sucks that you missed the wedding but it wasn’t for lack of trying. It isn’t right for him to keep holding something that was out of your control against you," another chimed in.

"I wouldn't allow my parents to make a 37 hour drive in bad weather. I would rather they stay safe and miss my wedding. But, you know, I happen to love and respect my parents. You very much should share this post with your son. He needs to evaluate his behavior and get his head on straight," someone else commented.

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