Animal Planet made a trip to Utah after a video that showed a sasquatch-like figure in the mountains of Northern Utah. Some kids filmed a video of a campfire when a figure in the woods stands up and walks away. 

They didn’t come to a conclusion whether it was the famous hairy guy with big feet. It brings up the time sasquatch was spotted in the southern end of the state. This is a report that took place on a dark highway outside of St. George. 

The Bigfoot Field Research Organization records sasquatch siting's from around the country. In 2002 a couple from the area reported seeing the creature.  

They were driving Highway 91 from Ivins to Mesquite when they came upon a large upright figure that was walking in the middle of the road. It was dark and they could see something in the road ahead of them. 


She says the creature looked back as their car approached and her husband slowed down to 25 miles per hour as they passed it. At that speed, they got a very good look at the humanoid figure in their headlights. 

He was 8 to 10 feet tall, had a hairy body and looked like the ones I have seen on TV. His hair was brown in color. His hair was blowing in the wind. 

The bigfoot investigator said the woman was sincere when she relayed the experience and he felt she was a reputable witness. It seems to me if the creature was nervous about being hit by their vehicle, this can't be chalked up to a spirit or supernatural being. It was living and breathing and could be threatened by an oncoming car. 

If bigfoot does or has lived in the cottonwoods off Highway 91, we need to know more. With a camera on every phone, it is time to get a clear, definitive picture. If you travel to this area regularly, please keep your eyes open and your camera ready. 

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