What Would Your Band Name Be? 

Did you dream of being in a band when you were growing up? Did you come up with a name for your group? Maybe you were actually in a band or maybe your name is Justin Bieber and you happened on this article, and you realized you are living the dream. 

I found a Facebook page that is all about old bands and artists that played the music scene in Utah over the years. I think some of the names they came up with are pretty good. I want to play a game where I give the band name and you guess whether they started in Utah or not. 

Utah Band or Not? 

The Tools 

Spanky & the Wankers 

The Arrogant Worms 

Hate X 9 


Couch Slugs 

Lois Lane 

Genocidal Existence 

Four Nurses of the Apocalypse 

Potato Heads 

Bad Yodelers 

Swingin' Udders 

The Stench 

Street Walker 

Ultimate Spinach 

These were all real bands who chose these names and showed up at places to play music. Did you figure out which ones were from Utah? Here’s the answer. Every third band name was not from the beehive state. 

That means the Arrogant Worms, Couch Slugs, Swingin’ Udders and Utlimate Spinach came from other states. You may know your Utah band's history if you got at least half of these right. Congratulations. 

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Now get out there and support some local bands. These days you will usually find them in their basement recording hooks to put on TikTok. You never know if "People With Chairs Up Their Noses" will be the next big thing. (That's a real band name by the way.)

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