Adult Diapers Becoming a Thing

This new trend may just be on the periphery of your consciousness. On the other hand, you may have embraced it already and make it part of your life. It is called ABDL and stands for Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers.

This includes people who wear adult diapers for medical reasons, pregnant women needing some support, to people who like the feel and freedom of it, all the way to those who admit to having a fetish for acting like a baby. 

Diaper Spa

Recently a business called a diaper spa wanted to open a facility in New Hampshire to cater to all those who wear diapers out of need or for the joy of it. You may be familiar with some who have worn adult diapers and act like children as part of their identity.

The business was denied a permit due to concern for what the clientele would be like who visited it. The woman asking for the permit was going to run the diaper spa out of her home and that was part of the reason it was denied. 

Will the Diaper Trend Grow?

Should you think this something isolated to the eastern United States and will never come to a place like Utah, the site is filled with information and articles advocating for the ABDL. There are blog articles praising television shows and movies that have shown adults wearing diapers and helping to break down the stigma. 

What do you think? Is the ABDL ten years away from becoming more mainstream? Will there be diaper spas in every city?  

I have read stories about people wearing adult diapers to wait in long lines or wearing them to a big event where finding a restroom is difficult. I could see people getting more comfortable with the convenience, even though it seems pretty cringe right now.

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