KDXU Sunrise Stories: Volume 181 


Statewide News – 03/29/24 

SpaceX Launch Expected to be Visible in Utah 

SpaceX will launch another Falcon-9 rocket today at the Vandenburg Space Force Base in California. 

This means Utah residents could see a streak across the sky toward the western horizon line depending on the weather this evening. 

The goal of the launch is to send more Starlink satellites into orbit. This specific load of satellites is expected to be 22. 

Utah Gas Prices Approach $4 Mark 

According to this morning’s AAA gas report, gas prices are about to hit the $4 mark in the state of Utah.  

Beaver County has been dethroned with the most expensive gas in Utah now belonging to Wayne County with an average price of about $3.93 per gallon of unleaded. Beaver County is not far behind with an average of $3.92 per gallon. Daggett County still has the cheapest gas in the state with an average of about $3.37 per gallon. 

Washington County has an average of about $3.89 per gallon, making it a contender for the most expensive gas in the state. Iron County has an average of about $3.68 per gallon, which is one of the cheaper places to fuel up in Utah. Be prepared for $4 averages by the end of next week. 

Southern Utah/St. George News – 03/29/24 

Woman Arrested at St. George Car Dealership with Fake ID 

A woman was arrested March 28 at a St. George car dealership after workers with the establishment informed police of some strange behavior coming from the woman. 

It was later discovered the woman was using a fake ID claiming she was from Georgia. In reality, Robin Sue Legowski, 56, was hired by a group that transports vehicles to California which is her true place of residence. Legowski told police she was to be paid $3,000 for her services. 

The woman will be appearing in court for an initial hearing today while in custody with a $7,000 bail. 

St. George Art Festival Today and Tomorrow 

The 45th Annual St. George Art Festival opens today at 11 a.m. and the day will end at 7 p.m. with a free concert from The National Parks, an American-folk band from Provo. 

Festivities on March 30 officially begin at 10 a.m. and will end at 6 p.m., but the Art Attack 1 mile and 5-mile races will take place at 9 a.m. on the same day. 

All these elements of the St. George Art Festival can be found at the Historic Town Square, 50 South Main Street, and expect many creative artists along with a surplus of food trucks and vendors. 

Hurricane Easter Car Show Starts Tomorrow 

The Hurricane Valley Rotary Club Easter Car Show will stretch across the downtown area of Hurricane on March 30 with over 300 unique cars on display. 

Awards will be given across 41 categories with a People’s Choice Award and Rodder’s Choice Award also up for grabs. 

Activities and various food vendors and trucks can be found across the car show, meaning it could be fun even if you’re not a car lover. 


Fun fact about Stockton Myers, the writer of Sunrise Stories. 

Stockton has mentioned his love for the arts community of Southern Utah and is constantly finding ways to support said community. That’s why he’s very excited for the St. George Arts Festival today and tomorrow. Stockton highly suggests that everyone should go support these talented individuals, and maybe even buy an art piece or two if possible. 

Happy Friday! 


RISE Summit In St. George Utah

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