Utah has one of the highest speed limits in the country at 80 mph on rural interstates like I-15 and that means one thing, speeding.  

In fact, the state is known for its rather crazy drivers on both ends of the spectrum of going way too slow and way too fast. A study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety showed that speeding was still an issue when the speed limit increased from 75 mph to 80 mph. On average, passenger vehicles were found to be going 3 mph over the speed limit when it changed. Instead of 75 mph to 78 mph, it went to 83 mph.  

Now, that number may not seem like a big jump but at speeds like that serious damage can be done and the stopping time is way longer. This could prove fatal because of the snow and ice about to hit the state. 

Utah law enforcement and highway patrol do their best to counter these speeders, but they can’t be everywhere at once.  

The state of New York is tackling its speeding problem with automated speeding tickets through the use of cameras with radar. Though the incident will be caught via camera, a technician will filter through the photos to determine if it's legit.  

If you’ve been caught speeding, you’ll get a Notice of Liability in the mail.  

With its expansive highways, Utah could definitely consider implementing something like this. Not only has the state been concerned about the safety of its officers at work on the side of the road, but the growing number of pedestrian and car crash fatalities.  

So, should Utah follow NY and add robot speed catchers to its repertoire? 

10 Most Popular Makes and Models Getting Speeding Tickets

To identify the car brands with the most speed-prone drivers, the data scientists at Insurify turned to their database of more than 4.6 million car insurance applications. When applying for car insurance, drivers disclose their vehicle make and model, as well as any citations, such as speeding tickets, they have on their driving record within the past seven years. For each vehicle brand, Insurify data scientists compared the number of drivers reporting a speeding ticket against the total number of drivers in the database to determine the share of drivers with a speeding ticket.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

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