Work can be stressful, and several factors make it that way. If you’ve been feeling unhappy at work in Utah, you’re not alone.  

A new study released by Utah company Bamboo HR revealed the least happy industries for the last quarter of 2023. The eNPS or the Employee Net Promoter Score is at an all-time low since the pandemic a few years ago. According to Bamboo HR the overall score is 10% lower than it was in December of 2024.  

So what industries are the least happy? 

Bamboo HR said that tech and nonprofits are the industries with the lowest eNPS. The tech industry is on a steady decline while the nonprofit industry plummeted a lot. Construction, education, and travel were surprisingly the happiest at the end of 2023.  

Construction, finance, restaurant food and beverage, travel and hospitality, and education were all industries that improved their eNPS score. 

Healthcare remained consistent and only lost one point in Q3. 

The Bamboo HR Employee Satisfaction also looked at what could be improved. Here are some things that Utahns want to see more of in their workspaces.  

Upline Feedback 

Employees want more 360 reviews as well as one-on-ones that occur more consistently. Utahns are also looking for opportunities to give more feedback to peers and managers. 


The need for a clear path to the future that also allows for some flexibility. Employees want a standard structure for projects. 


We’d all like more money and that hasn't changed. Utah employees are asking for more competitive pay, clear ways to get more raises and promotions.  


More team building and in-person activities have been requested by Utah employees. They also want more ways to build camaraderie and access to skill training.  


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