There are quite a few Mom and Pops stores in St. George and what better time to appreciate them than on National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day?
On Thursday, March 29 National Mom and Pops Business Owners Day will take place. This is a perfect opportunity to visit some of the local shops you’ve been dying to look at or support long-time favorites. St. George has a lot of local shop options to choose from and there are a few ways to support these local businesses besides just buying.
Mom and Pop Shops in St. George:
Modern Artisan and Farmers Co-op

This might just be the ultimate “Mom and Pop” shop in St. George because it's all local, and it's all handmade. There is food from local butchers, some local honey, handmade jewelry and so much more inside. Each of the products is from a local business owner but there's a brick-and-mortar shop to visit throughout the week.
MOFACO also supports local musicians by hosting open mic nights and concerts.

Moss & Timber

Moss & Timber is a local plant shop that is any flora lover's dream. This small shop has gifts and indoor plants. They also assist with keeping plants alive and do plant night parties.

St. George Ink & Toner


This ink business is a unique one as all the cartridges are hand filled and run by just a few individuals. The store has been owned by a local couple and has been around since 2005. Large businesses can have their ink cartridges delivered or can stop by for refills.

These are just a few of the local shops with plenty more local restaurants in St. George.

Here are some ways to support local businesses:
1. Follow and share on social media
2. Represent the shop (T-shirts, stickers, etc.)
3. Give flyers for events or promotions
4. Tell your friends about it
5. Go back on a regular basis

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